interior design

Whether you are starting from the ground up or restyling with existing pieces, I will work within your budget to deliver a space that functions best for you and feels entirely new.  Together, we will work through space planning, furniture layouts and sourcing the best furniture, lighting, fabric and accessory selections.  

Priced upon request.

interior styling

If you've already got the groundwork of your room in place but need help finishing it off with accessories and artwork, then this option is for you.  I will survey your existing space and provide direction on how to make a big impact with carefully curated pieces. 

Priced upon request. 

e - design

This option is perfect for clients both near and far, seeking design expertise for their space with a limited budget.  Whether you live in DC or beyond, e-design is an accessible and affordable alternative to the traditional design process with the same creative vision as my in person approach.  All E-design projects will be customized to your style, budget and spatial requirements.

Priced upon request. Please fill out this Questionnaire.   

This option is great for anyone who is looking for some quick design advice. Maybe you recently moved into a new home and need some guidance on how lay out your space or picking out paint colors. Or, perhaps you have that one room that you just can’t figure out. I’ll block out two hours of my time and you’ll decide how you want to use the time. I’ll follow up the visit with a summary of our discussion and next steps so you have a clear path moving forward.

$450 flat fee

One Time consultation:

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my process

My process is a little different than the average designer.  My goal is to support you in the way you are comfortable working.  I find that the best results are achieved when you are in control of your budget and schedule.  

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We will schedule an hour long meeting to walk through your space and discuss your goals.  I will provide my initial ideas and suggest a phased approach to completing the work.   I'll follow up with a proposal for the requested work  

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After an agreement is reached, I will begin brainstorming solutions, researching products and narrowing down options.  Once I have a clear vision in mind, I will generate concept board(s) for your review.  This process takes time and generally takes a few weeks to complete.  I find I can provide better results when I let my ideas 'sit on the back burner', rather than rush the process.  

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I will present the concept boards, finishes, fabrics and any other necessary items required for you to see the whole picture.  You will also receive a comprehensive price list including links for purchasing.  I will walk you through all the details of the design.  This will be your first opportunity to provide feedback on the design.  I want to know the specifics of what you like and what you don't like.  We will work together to make revisions until you are completely satisfied with the design.   

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This is when you take over.  You can begin purchasing items from the price list as your budget allows.  You can buy things all at once or piece by piece.  I will be checking in with you regularly to see how things are progressing and make suggestions along the way.    

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You will be in charge of scheduling and coordinating installation.  As you install items, I will make site visits at your request to help you organize and style the room.  

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I exclusively source products online.  The Design Center isn't a place I go to very often, it's just not my style.  My goal is to find beautiful design solutions at affordable prices and the internet has never let me down.  A few of my go-to stores are West Elm, Anthropolgie and Target.  Mixing investment pieces with inexpensive accessories is my bread and butter.  


So, how much does all this cost?  I charge by the hour and I'll send you a detailed report each month describing what I did with each one of those hours.  I will never try to sell you products.  And I'll never hide my charges in my fees.  My goal is to be as transparent as possible. 

For more information on my hourly rates, click below