Target's Fall Home Accessory Line

I went to Target for the first time without any children for the first time EVER a few weeks ago. I have been dreaming of this day for years. It was everything I imagined and more! I mean the luxury of walking through the aisles without a ticking time bomb in your cart is the stuff dreams are made of. I took my time down every aisle, I remembered those birthday cards I needed, and even had time to pick out a few new t-shirts for myself! To say it was a great day, is an understatement!

My main mission for the trip was to pick up some accessories for an upcoming photo shoot. And you guys, I scored! There new fall line is so good. When it comes to home decor, fall colors tend to be my favorite. The play well with the DC row homes and lofts and translate nicely into those suburban colonials too.

Target Fall Home Accessory Line

Carved Wood Planter / Potted Faux Fern / Wood House Box / Olive Bud Vase

Mustard Candle / Blue Ceramic Candle / Terra Cotta Bowl Planter / Bronze Candelabra

I also picked up two of these table lamps. For less than $10 how can you go wrong. They’re perfect for bedside tables or even a small side table in the living room. Hurry up and shop before all the Holiday merchandise takes over!!