hands on design:

I offer both residential and small scale commercial design.  Whether you are looking to design from the ground up or re-style with existing pieces, I will take great care to deliver the desired results.  

services include:

  • space planning
  • furniture layout  
  • furniture & accessory selection  
  • area rug selection  
  • lighting selection  
  • material & finish selection  
  • paint color selection 

My process is a little different than the average designer.  My goal is to support you in the way you are comfortable working.  I find that the best results are achieved when you are in control of your budget and schedule.  

step by step process:

  1. INITIAL CONSULTATION:  We will schedule an hour long meeting to walk through your space and discuss your goals.  I will provide my initial ideas and suggest a phased approach to completing the work.   I'll follow up with a consultation summary and quote for the requested work. 

  2. DESIGN PROCESS:  After an agreement is reached, I will begin pulling ideas, options for pieces and general concepts for your review.  This generally takes a few weeks to complete.
  3. DESIGN PRESENTATION:  I will put together a design board for each concept or space as well as an option list for each piece of furniture/art/accessory/etc.  You will be given both hard and soft copies as well as a Pinterest board with the presented ideas.
  4. PURCHASING:  This is when you take over.  You can begin purchasing items from the option list as your budget allows.  You can buy things all at once or piece by piece.  
  5. INSTALLATION:  You will also be in charge of scheduling and coordinating installation.  As you install items, I will make visits at your request to help you organize and style the room.  


e-design is an accessible and affordable alternative to the traditional design process with the same creative vision as my hands on design approach.  This option is perfect for those (near or far) seeking designer expertise for their space with a limited budget.  E-design will be customized to your style, budget and space.

to begin:

  1. fill out the survey below
  2. email photographs and measurements of the space to be designed


  • customized room concept board  (see examples here)
  • detailed furniture plan (based on your measurements), drawn to scale showing new furniture arrangements 
  • source list with clickable links for all the items (and more) shown on the concept board
  • Pinterest board with all the items from the concept board and source list  (see examples here and here)


  • Expect approximately three weeks for completion
  • $500 per room, all payments via Paypal

If you are interested in e-design, please fill out the questionnaire below.  

Name *
Address *
Who lives with you? Kids? Pets? Friend sleeping on the couch?
Provide the length and width of each room.