{client love} paint palette

Friends!  I have been busy!  Who knew that taking care a baby 24-7 would take up SO much of your time.  I never thought I'd be one of those moms who takes a week to return an email, but sadly, I am that person now.  I feel like I do NOTHING and EVERYTHING everyday.  My little peanut is napping right now, so if efforts to accomplish something during my 45 minute break from mommyland, I thought I'd share something from my non-mommy world.  

My clients (and dear friends) needed some minor updates with there paint colors.  They hired a contractor to take there house from good to great with a few minor tweaks - one of them being touching up the walls.  There house has old plaster walls that have warped and cracked over the years.  The average guest would never see these imperfections, but to them it was the only thing they saw.  So there contractor smoothed out and patched all the walls to make them look brand new.  They also added crown molding and new baseboard throughout the house.  These minor details made for a pretty amazing transformation.  I can't wait until it's all done to share some photos with you.  

In the meantime, here is the very simple and neutral paint color palette that we created.  I have to say, its one of my favorites.  We started with the main house color - Mindful Gray, which was actually just one shade darker than the current color they had.  Taking it a shade darker really helped the new base and crown molding to pop.  We carried this color throughout the entire house and then used the other colors as accents in the bedrooms and bathrooms.  We used Lemongrass in the master bedroom, Ancient Marble in all the bathrooms, and Celery for the new Nursery.  Then we picked Roycraft Pewter for the accent wall in there dining room.   Its freaking gorgeous!

All the colors are from Sherwin Williams.