{product trends} Summer Favs!

Well summer is here, there is no denying that.  And so are the summer catalogs in my mailbox.  These things show up in herds and usually I just take a browse at the cover and throw them in a pile on my table until I toss them 6 months later.  But, for some reason they got my full attention this month.  Could it be because my child will keep himself occupied for more than 2 minutes at a time now?  Haha, no.  I wish.  I think its mainly because I'm missing working and I actually enjoy the few minutes I can tear away from diaper changes and feedings to take a peak at the latest and greatest products on the market.   

I found some pretty cute stuff and I collage-d it all together.  I love all these pieces individually, but I love them even more together.  I think they will look perfect in my summer beach house that I pretend I own.  What do you guys think?  Don't you love summer style?  It's so easy breezy!

In case you're loving these as much as me, here are the links to all the product pages:

  1. Salon Mirror
  2. Bushel Basket Pendant
  3. Aura Credenza
  4. Granada Cocktail Table
  5. Sand Bar Art
  6. Beulah Rocking Chair

Happy Summer everyone!